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Details on the 

AFD Double-knife veneer jointing guillotine 

Operating system

The new Cutmaster is controlled by a personal computer. To make it easy to handle the machine, we choose the operationgs surface Windows 98.

Computer Control/
Dimension Memory

Operated by built-in computer and keyboard. Positioning control on microcomputer base with 99 storage locations for the most common width for economic optimization of veneer

Adjustable laser light unit (Option)

To optimize veneer yield, the position of the front blade can be adjusted by the manually operated laser light. This enables fast and exact optimizing of the width from a veneer bundle. The determined position will be sent to the computer by pressing only one button. The knife will automatically move to the preselected position and cut.

Parallel Cutting

The double knife veneer jointing guillotine assures parallel cutting and the highest quality veneer edges. During the cutting process the veneer is clamped by the pressure beam.

Adjustable driven aligning fence

The veneer bundle is placed on the guillotine table and aligned by the laser light or by the back fence. The upper pressure beam, to which the front blade and the laser are mounted, moves to the desired cutting. width.

Automatic rear unloading system (Option)

After the cut is finished, the veneer is pushed towards the rear of the guillotine to a roller conveyor which transports the veneer bundle to the next operation.